// Graphic Design

Guac Off Version 1 Guac Off Version 2 Six Knowledge Management Icons Titus Andromedon T-Shirt Design Handbook Sidebar Condiments Octopus Rat Rose Career Development Logo Automation header Ascendis Hydrogel Logo aHER2 NLD Logo Formulation POD Logo aCLL1 Logo Development Science in Progress Sticker Version 1 Science in Progress Sticker Version 2 Cocktail Poster Molecular Dynamics Poster 1 Molecular Dynamics Poster 2

// Web Design

Department Handbook The Worker's Beehive
handbook Purpose: Converted handbook from pdf to a Google Site. Optimized layout with custom designed buttons and icons.
Status: Ongoing
beehive Purpose: Updated the user interface and layout using HTML/CSS.
Status: Ongoing
No previews due to company internal reference.

// Retouching

snl retouch2 sarahjp

// Colorizations

Conversion of a b/w photograph into color.

ninadobrev eyemakeup colorization3

// Blends

Blend1 blend2 blend3 blend4

// Other

Please visit my work in the 100 Day Challenge here.